September 25, 2020

Who is entertainer Jung Yu-mi who was once reputed to wed Gong Yoo?

By channy

First of all. This article is about nonton drakor baru and the entertainer Jung Yu-mi, not another entertainer Jung Yu Mi who conceded in February this year to date boyband H.O.T’s Kangta.

Yu-mi, then again, was entangled in (advantageous) bits of gossip in 2018 that she was to get married to Korean heart-pulsate Gong Yoo. Around then, a netizen posted on an online network gathering that the hunk had reserved a spot at a lodging and would wed Yu-mi.

She’s near Gong Yoo

It’s not hard to perceive any reason why the two were connected. Both have a place with a similar administration organization, had acted in two shows together (The Crucible in 2011 and 2016’s Train to Busan) at the hour of the gossipy tidbits, and were supposed to be old buddies.

Oh, wedding chimes didn’t ring.

Their office delivered an announcement calling the news absolutely bogus. Somebody from the office even included: “The two aren’t care for kin; they’re similar to siblings. Gong Yoo treats Jung Yu-mi like a more youthful sibling.”

Amusingly, Yu-mi and Gong Yoo proceeded to star as a couple in a year ago’s film Kim Ji Young, Born 1982; and they co-star again in the up and coming film Wonderland